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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 


I may or may not have taught two of the kids in this video, and they may or may not have been the one in the red and the one in the blue stripes. This may or may not have been THIS YEAR, which would mean that they may or may not be 8th graders. I may or may not also recognize every last one of them from the middle school campus, where they may or may not have been students last year and/or this year.

It's so encouraging when you can see them putting their education to good use.

hahahahahahahaha. god bless you for staying at that job for more than five minutes..it's more than i would have done

It's great to see young kids learning a foreign language, and putting it to some use.

Wait, what? That's supposed to be English? Oh... oh, my. Ann, I'm so sorry for you. Jesus, am I ever sorry.

Kanye West would be proud. For the rest of us, what a wake-up call.

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