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Monday, February 09, 2009 


Last night I started feeling icky, and from 8:30 to about 1:00 a.m. it went downhill to the point that I was spewing from both ends, if ya know what I mean. I took phenergan and lamodil, but it didn't help-- just made me tired, so tired that I could barely keep my eyes open while I was crapping my brains out. This morning my stomach felt a little better but my throat was on fire. My stomach has gotten sick again this afternoon, and my throat is still in flames, and I'm coughing. I spent all day trying to sleep when I could. I'm hoping Charlie doesn't get whatever I have, and that tonight isn't a repeat of last night.

My dad had a heart cath today and they found some trouble. They've put in at least 4 stints, and I'm waiting for a call any minute now with the full word on what was found and what his prognosis looks like.

Is Tim sick? If so, it could be the Mexican food. Or, if he had something different than you, it could still be the Mexican.

Hope everything goes well with your dad.

Have you tried the miracle elixir, Benadryl? Or do you just reserve that for broken arms?

Hope everything turns out OK with your dad.

Tim's not sick, and I'm sure it wasn't the Mexican. I have some kind of bug. This is day 3 of diarrhea and day 2 of having a flaming throat and chesty cough.

I did consider some Benadryl to help me sleep, HM. You can always work Benadryl in somehow.

My dad was supposed to have a really quick and simple procedure, but they found lots of problems once they got in there. The back artery to his heart was 100% blocked and filled with scar tissue, which suggests it's been blocked a very long time. The only reason he's still alive is because some "feeder arteries" grew around it and rerouted the blood somehow. Anyway they put in 5 stints and got some of the blockage out. He'll be in the hospital for a few more days to make sure everything's working right. He's lucky this was found now instead of in an autopsy. I think my mom is about to have a nervous breakdown. I want to go up there but don't know how much help I can be with Charlie to take care of. Thanks for the positive thoughts. Keep 'em coming.

That is so scary about your dad. Thank God they found these problems and got it taken care of. Your poor mom...

Hope you are feeling better.

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