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Sunday, February 01, 2009 

Douchebag of the Month-- January

Every time I see a picture of Blagojevich, two questions come to mind: 1) Has the world ever seen a bigger douche? and 2) Where is his upper lip?

I know this is old news, but bear with me. I'm just now getting around to this. I have been so inspired by the unfettered douchebaggery of (now former) Gov. Blagojevich that I've decided to start paying tribute to all the douchebags of the world, or at least the ones who make the news, once monthly, though I don't know that I can follow up this month's winner with anything that won't pale in comparison.

Blagojevich is douchebaggery incarnate. He is the very epitome of crooked politics, and I think he may very well be mentally ill.

Not only did he attempt to sell Obama's senate seat, but he also:

-Refused to give assistance to a children's hospital because they didn't help with his fundraising efforts.

-Tried to get fundraising money in exchange for road contracts.

-Refused to help a newspaper in the sale of a ballfield (don't really know what that's about) unless they fired employees of theirs who were critical of him.

-Kept a straight face while repeating, on every talk show that would have him, "I've done nothing wrong," when there are recordings of him saying: "I've got this thing and its (expletive) golden. And I'm just not giving it up for (expletive) nothing. I'm not gonna do it."

and the icing on the cake...

-He was elected because he promised to clean up after their previous Governor, who is currently in prison. Ha!

I also think it's interesting that Obama said he never had contact with Blag, but before he had the chance to put the shush on it, his advisor was quoted as saying that he had been in contact with him. Of course the media ignored that, kind of like they mostly ignored the fact that Obama endorsed this Blago guy twice. Instead, they focused on reporting the later statement Obama's guy released saying that he was mistaken in saying that Obama was in contact with Blago, and adding that, "There is no indication that the President-elect had any involvement."

So exactly how many more shady characters does Obama have ties to, but no involvement with?? Time will tell. The big O is going to get caught doing something eventually. He is too close to too many shady fuckers to make it 4 years in office without some kind of scandal. Of course, he won't be held accountable for it because that would depend too much on the media's willingness to report the ugly truths about him, and I don't think they will. They focused so much energy on getting him elected that it would kill their own credibility. So instead of reporting on Obama's wrongs, I predict they'll be serving up lots of other people to the scandal hungry public on a silver douchebag platter.

I respectfully disagree. Blago is not mentally ill. He is an egomaniac with a criminal mind. He has known exactly what he was doing all along, but thought he was above being caught.

Like Obama, Blago has narcissistic personality disorder. It's all about him. Which I don't consider mental illness, but I will concede that it is technically a classification of mental illness.

Blago has been running around spouting his innocence, hoping that Obama will step in and save him by confirming that, indeed, NOBODY DID ANYTHING WRONG. Blago thinks Obama has to do that, or he will go down too. That's why Blago was whining about bringing in ALL the tapes, and witnesses such as Rahm Emanuel and that Valerie chick.

That's how I see it. Blago is a bargaining fool, trying to get the best deal he can out of this situation, which is what got him into this situation in the first place.

I think both Obama and Emanuel are in this up to their eyeballs, but it will never be reported. One, because the media is still fawning all over King O, and two, because they impeached him. There's no way either of them are going to be forced to testify, Blago had TWO HOUR conversations with Obama aids, but Obama never knew anything about any of it? Please. That's all going to be buried along with Obama's original birth certificate. Meanwhile, they're keeping us all busy with the latest "crisis" while they take over the banks, the mortgage companies, and Wall Street.

Sorry, meant to say "aides" not "aids."

HM, You are dead on. And narcissism is precisely what I had in mind. I think narcisisstic pers. dis. is just being an asshole to the point that it can be called a mental illness.

Damnyank, I agree.

Do you think the "change we can believe in" includes all the crooks he's appointing to positions in his administration?

And I wonder what would happen if, when WE got audited by the IRS, we "expressed remorse" for stuff we claimed and weren't supposed to and "apologized for the errors" in OUR returns?

And maybe, all the criminals could just start expressing remorse and apologizing for THEIR crimes and he could give them jobs in his administration, too.

But, those of us who are against paying more taxes are "unpatriotic". What unmitigated gall they all have.

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