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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 

America = Game Over?

All this crap about the economy is gettin' me down. No, I don't understand the intricate details of what's going on (I don't think the people at the wheel do, either), but I don't think I need to be an economist to tune in to the fact that we're screwing ourselves. Doubling the national debt in just a few months' time? How can this not ruin us? What happens next time we are attacked? How can we afford to defend ourselves with this kind of debt? Other countries aren't going to keep loaning us money forever. We're going to be dead in the water.

The thing that makes it sting the most is the fact that it wasn't terrorists or other self-proclaimed America haters who did this to us-- it was US who did this to us. Greed, greed, and greed, plain and simple.

This stimulus package isn't going to fix a damn thing. Did you watch Obama's speech the other night? He started the speech by outlining how it could create jobs, etc., and it all sounded very reasonable, very believable. Then one of the reporters pointed out that economists have said it would take much, much more money to really fix the problem, and asked him if that was true. He back paddled like crazy then, saying something to the effect of, "My job is to make sure that THIS money gets spent correctly." To me, it sounded like, "Well, yeah, but this is a great distraction for now and will help me cover MY ass later because nobody can say I didn't do anything."

Every time I see a headline about a bank going to Vegas or giving big bonuses to the very people who put them in this position, I want to shoot someone in the face. Shoot them. In the face. Their defense? "We have to keep our good talent!" WHAT GOOD TALENT? Or "None of THE BAILOUT MONEY was used for these bonuses." SO WHAT if it wasn't the bailout money-- you still took bailout money to keep yourself alive, so why the hell are you spending a single penny on bonuses right now?

What the hell is wrong with these people??? I mean, the greed is incomprehensible!

I don't even know how to write about this because it's so dumbfounding that I can't even collect my thoughts. I'm just blown away by the lack of common sense being displayed by the people who run the country.

We are f*cked, and let's face it-- we deserve to be f*cked for letting these shit heads have so much control.

The thing that gets overlooked way too often (by design, of course) is that this clusterf$%k isn't the banks' fault. Yes, they loaned money to people who they knew could never pay it back. Yes, they packaged up a bunch of these bad loans and pretended that they were magically non-risky securities. Yes, they acted grossly negligent with their clients' money.

But they did it because they were forced to. By Congress. Congress forced banks to make these bad loans solely so more people could live in houses (and repay them by voting "properly.") Any bank that didn't play ball was investigated, and sanctioned. Then sued by "community activists" for racist lending practices.

But you haven't heard the media talking much about how Democrats like Barney Frank, who is the head of the Banking Committee, or Chris Dodd, who received a sweetheart mortgage from Countrywide - whom his committee is supposed to oversee - contributed to this mess. The very professional and super non-partisan media is quite content to let people blame it all on greedy evil banking fatcats.

I'd like to cheer you up Ann, but it's worse than you think. The effing geniuses who we're told will be gallantly riding to the rescue are the same MENSA members that caused this in the first place.

The media is so far up Obama's ass, they can't see OR smell. And it's going to get worse, because next on the agenda will probably be a federal bailout of newspapers and media outlets, and raise your hand if you think even a PRETENSION of unbiased reporting will be possible then.

Another thing that's in this so-called "stimulus" package is government oversight of the health care field. Doctors will be forced into the program, and so will insurance companies. If you are getting old and need some type of medical procedure, some bureaucrat will look at your age and decide you're not worth spending that kind of money on and will not allow your doctor to perform the procedure EVEN IF you have the money to pay for it yourself. Old people will be like old cars - not worth the $$ to repair, so they will be medically "totaled."

Just wanted to cheer you up.

Here now! You two are dashing my HOPE!

It's enough to make me want to have 14 children, go to college on my grants to get a Master's Degree in Counseling, continue collecting disability on myself and my kids, buy some nice steaks with my food stamps, have a little work done on my nose and lips, and become a celebrity.

Ahh...I feel much better now.

Don't get me started on THAT fruit loop of a so-called "mother." Maybe she thinks she's Angelina Jolie or something. Where was the medical gestapo when THAT was going on. As whacko as she is, what kind of doctor would go along with it?

The world.



Maybe Al Gore has it right, and all this global warming and holes in the ozone are making people go freaking crazy. You KNOW, since everybody's a victim, it can't be THEIR fault!

We're here for you, Ann. I know we've reassured you now.

Stewie, I forgot about that. Hmm. How convenient that that's not anyone's focus. NOthing's going to get fixed until people start focusing on where the problems started. And you know, the mentality that we should give people something or make life easier for people is what got us into this and it's the same mentality they're trying to use to fix it. Dumbasses.

DY, I don't think Obama did this, and I think that if McCain had been elected he'd be trying to push through some kind of stimulus package as well. I agree that it would super suck for the news media to end up getting some kind of money, but I don't think there's much pretense of balanced coverage as it is.

HM, Hope died on day 7. It was part of Obama's one man act, The Death of Hope. Didn't you watch The Daily Show?

So yeah, this is old news now, but anyone interested in how this craptacular disaster was engineered should read Thomas Sowell's discussion of it here. He is a far more eloquent economist than I, despite being hampered by a dearth of F-bombs in his arsenal.

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