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Sunday, February 22, 2009 

This one's for Hillbilly Mom


How's that for justice??

And here's something just for fun...


Allow me to donate My 2 Cents, Good News, Bad News Edition:

He has the right to appeal
Now he has a place to stay
He won't go hungry
He's detoxed
His conscience is clear
He doesn't live in Arizona, so he won't go to the Baloney Sandwich Tent Prison

He's locked up
His lawyer was sucky
Prison will teach him to be a better criminal
He might suffer from prison violence
He has learned not to do the right thing after doing the wrong thing

As for Missippi...isn't that how the natives down there pronounce it? Around here, we know how our state is spelled by the pronunciation. Those fools who call us 'Missourah' don't know that they're talkin' about. And as for Illinois...let's just rename them the Pay for Play State. It will fit quite easily on a license plate, which can be manufactured by all their ex-governors.

I'm with ya on the good and the bad news. His lawyer must've been extra sucky, but public defenders tend to be that way, I think.

I think I manage to utter all 4 syllables of "Mississippi," though I might not be enunciating it perfectly, and I've heard "Missippi" a time or two.

My relatives in California used to ask me to say certain words so that they could make fun of my accent. Among their favorites were "Mississippi," "y'all," and "pecans." They say "PEEcans," but I say "pehCON." A pee can is something that needs to be emptied out frequently. A pehCON makes a fine pie.

Great News!

toronto magician

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